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Designed For End- Users who Do Not trust regular “off- the shelf” Mobile OS and would like to add
more security & privacy

The Phone Shield solution was designed to block spyware and malicious code on the lowest level of the OS ( The kernel ). 

Mobile Crypto Ltd. has embraced the “Open-Source software model “ solution, a development model that leverages the collaborative efforts of a community base ,which provides our end users with a “Military Grade” secure communication and Secure OS for Cell Phones which needs to operate over public networks such as WIFI, 3G, 4G and 5G
Phone Shield™ solution
Based on Google Pixel model 4 through 7 mobile handsets

Based on a strong baseline Open Source Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
Features a DATA only SIM - for top security protection.
Phone Shield™ replaces the existing android OS with a ruggedized encrypted secure OS.
It works seamlessly with high-end encryption scheme supporting application like “whatapp” and “Telegram”. 
Can be used as a dedicated Voice and Chat encryption solution , which includes a server side, installed and managed at the end user premises.

Google “Play Store “ was removed for maximum security and privacy.
End user will get all the Source code for full inspection and training .
The solution can be delivery as an On premise mode delivery with an Open  Source MDM and Voice and Chat encryption both Server side and Client side.

Privacy by Defualt

Major threats that Mobile Crypto can handle & avoid:

Any remote and local Spy Phones software
Remote interception by: Active GSM (A51 and A52 Decipher)
Remote interception by: Passive GSM (A51 and A52 Decipher)
Remote interception by: Active 3G and 4G interception
Interception at the Cellular Operator based on 3G and 2G
Remote microphone interception
Remote fake apps installation or update
Prevent SS7 manipulation – including Mobile location via Mobile Operators via HLR
Prevent any leak of information via “ Usb Cable “that can be connected to any PC

Pixel7 to use.png

Additional Features:

LTE-only mode - to reduce cellular radio attack surface by disabling enormous amounts of both legacy code
(2G, 3G) and bleeding edge code (5G).
Wi-Fi privacy - We supports per-connection MAC randomization and enables it by default. This is a more private approach than the standard persistent per-network random MAC used by modern Android.
Closed device identifier leaks - fixes several prominent device identifier leaks bypassing Android’s intention of apps not being able to uniquely identify a device such as the serial number, MAC addresses, IMEIs/MEIDs, SIM card serial numbers and subscriber IDs
Longer passwords by default - 64 characters instead of 16 characters. This avoids the need to use a device manager to enable this functional
Fingerprint unlock feature - by only permitting 5 total attempts rather than implementing a 30 second delay between every 5 failed attempts with a total of 20 attempts. This doesn’t just reduce the number of potential attempts but also makes it easy to disable fingerprint unlock by intentionally failing to unlock 5 times with a different finger.
PIN scrambling - to raise the difficulty of figuring out the PIN being entered by a user either due to physical proximity or a side channel.

About Mobile Crypto:

Mobile Crypto Ltd, is a privately held company founded on 2009 by seasoned and experienced encryption software staff. We are, a developer and provider of sophisticated, robust and comprehensive "end to end" strategic encryption solution mainly for Government Agencies and Enterprise End Users, which required an high level of mobile security.

Mobile Crypto has embraced the “Open Source software model “ solution, which provides our end users with a "Military Grade" secure communication over public networks such as WIFI, 3G, 4G and 5G.


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