Main Threats

Major threats that Mobile Crypto can handle & avoid:

  • Any remote and local Spy Phones software

  • Remote interception by: Active GSM (A51 and A52 Decipher)

  • Remote interception by: Passive GSM (A51 and A52 Decipher)

  • Remote interception by : Active 3G and 4G interception 

  • Interception at the Cellular Operator based on 3G and 2G

  • Wi-Fi interception that can crack WEP and WPK2

  • Remote Email interception

  • Remote microphone interception

  • Remote browser interception

  • Remote fake apps installation or update

  • Prevent SS7 manipulation – including Mobile location
    via Mobile Operators via HLR

  • Prevent any attack – On regular VOIP Desktop Phones

  • Prevent any leak of information via “ Usb Cable “
    that can be connected to any PC