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About is :


Mobile Crypto Ltd, is a privately held company founded on 2009 by seasoned and experienced encryption software staff.


We are, a developer and provider of sophisticated, robust and comprehensive "end to end"  Secure Android OS solution mainly for Government Agencies End Users, which required End User Certification & Export licensing permission with an high level of mobile security. 

Mobile Crypto has embraced the “Open Source software model “ solution, which provides our end users  with a custom Android Mobile OS using Google Pixel (4 - 7 ) mobile phone hardware version with an options to control, managed and develop their Mobile OS over public networks such as WIFI, 3G ,4G and 5G.

What are the benefits of a custom operating system and application for Mobile Phones?

* - Creating a custom operating system and application can provide several advantages for both the developer and the client. This includes being able to tailor the system to match the exact needs and preferences of the client, optimizing it for improved performance, security, and usability, and integrating it with other systems or services. Additionally, a custom system can be updated or modified easily and quickly to accommodate changing requirements or environments.

What are the challenges of a custom operating system and application?

* - Developing a custom operating system and application can be a complex and time-consuming process, requiring a lot of skills, tools, and creativity. It can also be costly and risky, involving a lot of investment, testing, and support. Debugging, optimizing, and documenting the system can be difficult and require a lot of troubleshooting, feedback, and documentation. Moreover, the system can be vulnerable to errors, bugs, or attacks, necessitating a great deal of security, reliability, and backup

How to code a custom operating system and application?

* - The second step in developing a custom operating system and application is to code the system using one or more programming languages and tools. Depending on the complexity and scale of the project, this may involve writing the kernel, the core component of the OS that manages the hardware and software interactions, the drivers, the modules that communicate with specific devices or components, the libraries, the reusable code that provides common functions or services, and the applications, the programs that run on the OS and provide the desired features or functionalities. The coding phase also requires debugging, optimizing, and documenting the code

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Hazait 17th Street , Tel Mond, Zip Code 40600  Israel

Mobile: +972 545 5552032

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