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Mobile Crypto is a privately held company founded in 2009 by highly experienced encryption software staff. Mobile Crypto is a developer and provider of sophisticated, robust and comprehensive "end to end" strategic encryption solution mainly for Government Agencies and Enterprise End Users, which required an high level of mobile security. 


Mobile Crypto has embrace " The Open Source Software Model " solution which provides our end users with a "Military Grade" secure communication over public networks such as WIFI, 3G and 4G.

Mobile Crypto solution is divided to 7 major levels and line of products:


*   Secure voice encryption for Android OS & I-Phone

     ( both Server side and mobile apps )

*   Secure chat encryption for Android OS & I-Phone 

     ( both Server side and mobile apps )

*   Secure OS (ROM) solution, which is dedicated for a specific Mobile

     and Desktop Phone

*   Secure Recording and Archiving for encrypted calls

*   Secure Micro SD card – supporting PIPS 140 level 2 & NIAP lab testing

     for encrypted storage

*   Secure SIM card – which include IMSI change and protection against

    SS7 manipulation attack’s

*   Encryption customization based on:  AES, Elliptic curve, OTR, ZRTP,

     SRTP & Two fish standard’s



Our line of products was designed and executed to be fully deliverable in a “ closed & secure ” environment to the end user, which includes secure mobile apps , secure OS and dedicated servers that installed and located at the end-user premises which provides the highest security solutions to the end user over public data networks.


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Areas of Practice

Mobile Threats analysis​  |  Site review   |  Penetration testing  |  Software Code review